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ErgVideo™ Training Plans

Custom training plans for ErgVideo are proven method to improve your speed, strength, and stamina. ErgVideo DVDs have been shown to be a robust training system for any Computrainer user. By owning just a few DVDs, you too will get the best return on your investment of time and money for your training goals.

Custom training plans are pre-built by Online Bike Coach – the video selection in these plans have been predetermined. Please verify that you own the required videos for your plan before ordering. Once your order has been placed, Online Bike Coach will contact you directly with the training plan and any special instructions. Please allow 24 hours for delivery.

The Ultimate ErgVideo Experience!

Fully Customized
This training plan is custom-built by our USA Cycling Level 2 and 1 Certified Cycling Coaches based on your goals and the ErgVideos you already own. NO ONE knows how to utilize ErgVideo and Computrainer like Online Bike Coach. We have created thousands of plans for hundreds of serious sport and recreational cyclists. We know how to use the software to help you progress and periodize, improve your weak areas, and optimize your strengths. The plan includes 12 weeks of ErgVideo programming, wattage analysis and review, and weekly one-on-one dialogue. Just tell us which ErgVideos you own or would like to purchase, how many days per week you would like to train indoors on your CompuTrainer, and what your long term cycling fitness goals are.
Required ErgVideos™
ErgVideos you currently own or would like to purchase.
12 weeks, recommended 3-4 days per week.
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Maintain and Improve

Tempo, Threshold, and Vo2 training to hold on to what you already have, and build on top of that.
Required ErgVideos™
Threshold Testing, Long Threshold Intervals, MAP Intervals, TempoClub Ride
3x/wk for 12 weeks
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