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CompuTrainer Coaching and Using a Power Meter to Improve Your Cycling

If you own a CompuTrainer, a Wahoo Kickr, or a Power Meter of any type, regardless of your age or experience, you can improve your performance and succeed with the proper application of technology and attention.

Since 1994, Cycling Coach Richard Wharton of Online Bike Coach has been a pioneer in training individuals through the use of technology and wattage. His use of PerfPro Studio, ErgVideo, the RacerMate CompuTrainer and Wahoo Kickr, can help you optimize your training time for the most effective workouts. Furthermore, if you own a PowerTap, Power2Max, Rotor Power Meter, Quarq, or Garmin on-bike power meter, Coach Wharton can help you improve your training with power, and combine your indoor and outdoor training for more effective workouts and better results. If you're wondering how effective your training can be, let Coach Wharton help you reach levels of performance you never thought possible!

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From Coach Wharton

PerfPRO plans

PerfPRO Plans

PerPRO Studio is compatible with CompuTrainers and Wahoo Kickrs. The software license is purchased individually and installed on your computer. There are no additional CDs or any other devices required to use PerfPRO.

ErgVideo Plans

ErgVideo Plans

Coach Wharton offers a variety of training plans for use with the CompuTrainer and ErgVideos™, which together provide excellent simulations of real ride and race power requirements. More »

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